Reshape the Banking Landscape in the Digital Era

Adapted to the demands of a technologically advanced society, Banking Out of the Box represents the banking of the future. With a wide range of cutting-edge products and services, including loan origination systems, core banking solutions, and risk management tools, this all-inclusive package equips users to embrace change and prosper in the rapidly changing financial environment. This solution redefines how banking is done and is tailored for diverse companies

Empowering Traditional Banks

Traditional banks gain the upper hand by integrating their very own “out of the box” solutions. Enhanced digital services, elevated customer experiences, and extended customer footprint

Elevating Neo Banks

By providing a holistic spectrum of banking services sans the constraints of physical branches, they unlock a new realm of convenience and accessibility.

Fueling Fintech Innovation

These quick and effective tools encourage the creation of new financial services and products while encouraging a creative environment and healthy competition

Enabling Cross Border Transactions

Bridging geographical gaps, impeccably enables cross-border transactions, operates and delivers financial services on a global scale, obviating the need for intricate infrastructural investments.

Key Enablers that will help you be future ready
Pre-built Solutions accelerates time-to-market
High Degree of Customization
Built-in Regulatory Compliance
Reduced technical complexity
Allows to focus on core competencies
Fuels innovation & experimentation

Core Banking Solution

  • It forms the backbone of modern banking systems and serves as the central hub for a bank’s operations like customer’s account,transactions , deposits , loans etc.

Integrated Treasury

  • It serves as a comprehensive tool for managing financial operations like cash management, risk assessment, investment strategies etc.

Digital Lending Platform

  • It enable end-to-end digital loan origination, processing, and management. It simplifies lending process along with tools to access to creditworthiness of a borrower.

Enterprise Risk Management

  • The solution integrates tools, strategies, and processes to identify, assess, and mitigate risks across any organization.

Early Warning Signals

  • The solution helps to assess potential risks, improve portfolio performance, and make data-driven decisions to secure bank’s success.

CFO Edge

  • The solution enables CFOs with budgeting and planning of company’s resources with insights into financial data.

Data Analytics with ML

  • It helps banks and FI’s to analyse customer behaviour, detect fraud, predict trends and extract insights from large and complex data sets.