Evaluate Profitability with Greater Transparency.

Flexible Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) capabilities are essential for improving treasury management. With the ability to accommodate various static and dynamic balance sheet assumptions, it ensures effective interest rate and liquidity risk management. Moreover, the platform’s transparency and customization options allow it to be tailored to specific needs, covering data management, modeling, governance, process oversight, and reporting.

This multipurpose solution features a range of integrated transfer-pricing methods that facilitate the identification of net margins and the value contributed by funds mobilized and utilized. This solution proves invaluable in establishing the account-level spread derived from assets and liabilities, along with the spread gained or lost due to exposure to interest rate risk.

By harnessing data and analytics, it empowers institutions to make well-informed, business-critical choices related to product pricing, branch operations, customer segmentation, and other key determinants of profitability.


  • Data Upload from Multiple Systems
  • Upload of yield curve rates

  • Entity type & Entities
  • Tenors and Maturity Buckets  
  • Yield curves & Building of FTP Curve  
  • FTP Curve Adjustment Rules

  • Pool Based Single Pool Double Pool & Multiple Pool
  • Matched maturity Term Pricing
  • Special treatment depending upon Product & Characteristics

  • FTP Rate Allocation & Computation of FTP Amounts
  • Multilevel Contribution Analysis with Drill Down
  • Expense Allocation & Profitability at various Levels

  • Dashboard & Reports – Multi Level Drill down

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Our FTP Solution offers banks and financial institutions a range of business benefits which are listed below :

Accurate Cost Allocation
Enhanced Profitability Analysis
Pricing Transparency
Strategic Decision-making
Improved Risk Management
Centralization of regulatory costs