High-Performance Risk Analytics

It’s imperative for your financial institution to manage risks to ensure heightened transparency and efficacy.Our best practices help you establish a risk-aware culture, optimize Capital computation, statistical scorecards as well as PD, LGD and EAD modeling, liquidity and comply to regulatory requirements as stipulated by the central bank. Empower your team with sophisticated, high-powered risk analytics to achieve an optimal mix of short- and long-term strategies. Take on changing regulatory obligations with confidence.

Gaining a deep grasp of credit risk by. Adopting preventative measures call for more complex analytical insights Whether your aim is to fine-tune credit judgments or adapt to fresh accounting standards concerning anticipated credit loss Empower yourself to build and implement models that measure and forecast potential risks, supported by instant reporting and reliable real-time decision-making capabilities, ensuring your trust in the process.


Risk Assessment


It is a critical process that evaluates potential threats and their impact to inform proactive risk management strategies. Its features are :

  • Rating & Scoring Engine
  • Two Dimensional rating Models
  • Industry Rating & Peer Group Analysis
  • External Ratings from Multiple Agencies
  • Mapping of external rating to Internal Rating Scale
  • Risk Based Pricing
  • Data Upload for Financial Analysts

Risk Measurement


It provides quantifiable metrics and indicators to assess the magnitude and severity of potential risks. Its features are :

  • Exposure Consolidation
  • Computation of Gross Exposure
  • Computation of CCF Adjusted Exposure
  • Risk Adjusted Return on Capital
  • Data Fetch from Disparate Systems
  • Stress Testing

Risk Mitigation


This process  involves implementing strategies and controls to reduce the likelihood and impact of potential risks. Its features include :

  • Comprehensive Collateral Management
  • Collaterals
  • Guarantees
  • Eligible Collateral Identification
  • CRM adjusted Exposures

Risk Monitoring


Risk monitoring involves continuous tracking and assessment of potential risks to ensure timely identification and response. Its features include :

  • Executive Dashboards
  • MIS & Risk Reporting
  • Concentration Analysis
  • Limits Monitoring & Alerts

Analytics & Capital Charge


Analytics & Capital Charge utilises data-driven insights to determine the capital requirements for managing financial risks effectively

  • Risk Weighted Assets for On & off B/S Items
  • Calculation of Risk Components such as PD, LGD , EAD
  • Calculation of expected & Unexpected loss
  • Calculation of CVaR & Expected shortfall
  • Model validation

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Our Credit Risk Management Solution offers banks and financial institutions a range of business benefits which are listed below :

Improved Credit Decisions
Reduced Credit Losses
Operational Efficiency
Competitive Advantage
Risk Mitigation Strategies
Enhanced Portfolio Performance
Regulatory Compliance
Data-Driven Decision Making
Enhanced Customer Relationships
Improved Stakeholder Confidence