Platform that Safeguards against Operational and Transactional Fraud

Aiming to strengthen your business’s credibility and confidence, our innovative Enterprise Fraud Risk Management (EFRMS) solution harnesses the capabilities of AI and machine learning to effectively prevent, monitor, and delve into instances of fraudulent activities.

By methodically analyzing a wide array of data, including transactional patterns, customer demographics, affiliations, device information, and IP addresses, our advanced algorithms are adept at detecting and promptly reporting intricate patterns of fraudulent behavior. This, in turn, bolsters the internal controls of your organization and ensures timely interventions.

Seamlessly integrates early warning systems and enterprise fraud risk management, thereby granting your financial institutions an exhaustive toolkit for holistic counterparty monitoring. This versatile solution can be seamlessly tailored to your requirements, either as a unified package or as standalone modules, effectively mitigating the risks posed by operational and transactional fraud across the diverse spectrum of your business operations.

Features of the solution

ML and AI-Powered Fraud Detection

Harness the strength of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms for precise detection and reporting of transactional fraud patterns.

Tailored Risk Rules

Specifically designed risk rules for the BFSI sector, fine-tuned through data simulation, ensuring accurate detection of fraud.

Advanced Transaction Analysis

Employ semantic and network analysis, coupled with anomaly detection, for a thorough understanding of transaction behavior.

Diverse Fraud Coverage

Comprehensive rule library encompassing online, loan, deposit, employee, and KYC-related frauds.

Real-time Monitoring

Utilize our proprietary ETL layer for instantaneous online/offline fraud scenario tracking.


Comprehensive Fraud Prevention
Customized Risk Scoring
Real-time Monitoring
Regulatory Compliance
Reduced False Positives
Proactive Threat Mitigation
Comprehensive Reporting