Insights that Empower Effortless Risk Management

Elevate your enterprise risk management practice with an innovative Risk as a Service (RaaS) platform. In a financial landscape rife with regulatory , operational, and liquidity risks, we’ve got you covered.

Our cloud-based managed services offer a lifeline to financial institutions, allowing them to delegate the intricacies of enterprise risk management while staying laser-focused on their core strengths. No more resource-draining compliance monitoring with seamless automation.

Standardized Efficiency

With RaaS, it’s all about you. Our “As a Service” approach crafts bespoke processes and practices that align with your unique needs. Hosted and meticulously maintained on the cloud, these standards ensure consistency and excellence without fail.

Weaving Systems, Unleashing Automation

Worried about a maze of disconnected systems? RaaS effortlessly knits together diverse systems through a common data layer, making automation a delightful norm and eliminates the manual reporting woes.

Your Cloud, Your Control

Data deluge and Scaling snags? Our RaaS solution covers all the bases. Handling data surges and cloud space expansion is as easy as a few clicks, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever comes your way.

Fueling Decision-making with AI & ML

Data is overwhelming. That’s where our solution comes in. RaaS makes use of AI and machine learning to extract meaning from a vast array of data. Actionable insights rise to the surface, guiding your decisions with unprecedented clarity.

Our cloud-based service will help you be future ready on four key areas :
Financial Risk
Model Risk
Regulatory Compliances ​
Risk Reporting

Reduced Cost

  • Costs related to hardware, monitoring, support, testing, upgrading is reduced. This means reduced capital and operational costs.

Access to Experienced Specialists

  • CRSPL’s RaaS professionals are skilled in building, calibrating, validating, documenting and running complex models.

Quick, Low-risk Implementation

  • This makes risk management more efficient with consistent reporting and timely insights.

Timely and consistent monitoring of risks

  • AI/ML based algorithms provide deeper insights into data, industry and markets.

Deeper Analytical Insights

  • AI/ML based algorithms provide deeper insights into data, industry and markets.

Focus on Core Business Growth:

  • With RaaS, organisations can focus more on business development and allocate their best resources for such activities.