Rating Model

Financial institutions are no longer forced to adhere to restricted or closed formats or rating engine black boxes. With the help of a highly automated tool, our solution provides a solid basis for users to create their own models. Both borrower and facility ratings are supported. Utilizing advanced analytics, the solution also assists banks in developing Application and Behavioural Scorecards for the borrower. Alternatively, the solution is bundled with a set of pre-configured rating and scoring models as per industry standards which are readily available for direct consumption. System also has capabilities to accommodate industry risk attached to Industry of the Borrower.


  • Interfacing with multiple systems that may be deployed at a Bank such as the core banking , treasury, cards, asset liability management , loan origination system etc.
  • Linkage with external data sources such as credit bureaus, data vendors, etc. through API’s or other methodologies
  • The data you need could be manually entered into the CRSPL rating/scoring engine, interacted from a third-party vendor system, or uploaded via excel.

  • Offers complete flexibility in defining rating scale
  • Ability to keep track of ratings from external agencies
  • Flexibility to translate internal ratings to external ratings
  • Periodically review and maintain external ratings

Our Rating Model allows notch-up / notch down and overrides of ratings depending on certain rules established in the bank’s internal ratings policy

  • Our Rating Model adheres to the maker-checker-reviewer principle in both definition of models/scorecards in the solution, their usage in evaluating borrower’s credit ratings or scores
  • The solution allows for conditional workflow based on multiple metrics such as total loan amount, counterparty type, product and so on..

  • Our Rating Model delivers a full array of rating reports including turnaround time (TAT) report, pending ratings report, re-rating due report, rating history of a borrower, peer group comparison reports and so on.
  • The solution is adaptable enough to deliver extra credit rating or scoring reports as required by the Bank and as decided upon with CRSPL during the gap assessment phase.

  • Our Rating Model includes a wide variety of pre-configured reports and dashboards. It enables clients to configure customized reports and dashboards from the front-end with minimal support
  • The solution has a built-in business intelligence tool that would allow a client bank to analyze the data more effectively being produced by the solution.

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Front end configurable Rules
Available on SaaS Platform
Domain Expertise for Implementation, support and Advisory
Pre-configured Reports and Dashboards