Regulatory Excellence and Intuitive Insights

Your reliable partner in the world of financial regulations. We understand that managing over 250 regulatory reports can be a bit like navigating a maze. Whether you are a scheduled commercial bank, regional rural bank, urban co-operative bank, payments bank, or NBFC, the burden of managing and submitting over 250 regulatory reports to authorities like the RBI, MoF, MEITY, NPCI, FIU and ITD among others, can be both time-consuming and overwhelming.

That’s where we step in to offer a simplified path. Effortlessly generating reports in familiar formats like pdf, xls, csv, and txt, as well as diving into the world of xml files for XBRL reporting. But there’s more to our solution than just ticking compliance boxes. We’re here to help you craft internal MIS reports and senior management dashboards that provide insights into your institution’s performance.

Seamlessly configurable with your existing core banking systems and data warehouse, it integrates into your workflow, transforming the daunting task of compliance into a manageable endeavor.

Features of the solution

200+ Regulatory Reports

Streamline RBI regulatory returns and reports for various regulators effortlessly.

Efficient ETL Process

Simplify data management with no-code ETLs and seamless direct data loading.

CIMS / ADF Solutioning

Expertly design Customer Information Management System and Account Data Fabric solutions.

Simplified XBRL Reporting

Generate XBRL reports effortlessly, staying aligned with RBI’s taxonomies.

Insightful Reports and Dashboards

Empower management with internal MIS reports, dynamic KPI dashboards, and risk management visualizations.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

Integrate seamlessly with core solutions like TCS Bancs, Infosys Finacle, and Treasury Systems.

User-Friendly Front End

Provide business users with an intuitive interface for drag-and-drop reports, data lineage insights, and cross-report reconciliation.


Reduce the Pressure on Your Finance Team
Improve the Accuracy of Reports
Clear Audit Trails
Better Decision-making
Real-time Monitoring