NPA Reporting

Continuous assessment of Borrower’s financial health is crucial for banks for effective Risk Management. Impact of Non-performing assets (NPAs) is two fold for banks. Firstly, halt on income generated. Secondly, amounts are tied up for setting aside provision. CRSPL NPA Management solution has a structured approach that helps banks to identify, classify, and minimize NPAs. Automated NPA solutions have pre-defined rules and business logics that facilitate regulatory compliance. Digitally enabled solution enhances operation efficiencies by seamless accessing databases for identification, classification and storage of data. CRSPL provides a balanced blend of technology with workflow-based classification alongside need-based manual interventions. Automated NPA is equipped with user-level security, compliances and controls for risk prevention measures.


Facility to integrate multiple data source systems like transactions, treasury, settlement, excel file upload, etc. Proprietary ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) for data validation and processing framework.

Data mapping e.g. customer level or group level mapping, guideline mapping and smart configuration is available in the system.

User enabler configuration for identification, computation logic with maker-checker audit trail.

Powerful computation engine for applicable provision on basic NPA and SMA grade identification. Status tracking over a period of time for computing reversal provisions as per regulatory requirements.

System configuration for generating bank alter on number of NPA and SMA accounts in dataset. Asset quality check and bifurcation of NPA and SMA with notification sent to dashboard.

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End-to-end automated NPA risk management.
Regulatory compliance reports and
Alert Management
Robust system for management dashboard, system monitoring dashboard.
Digitally secured system controls and security checks for strategic NPA management