Enriched Data. Simplified Workflow.

A rich solution that stands as a sophisticated engine designed to revolutionize the financial landscape for banks and financial institutions. Its core functionality lies in automating the intricate process of generating GAAP and IFRS-compliant financial statements.

FRA brings consistency, transparency, and reliability to the table, ensuring those financial statements are top-notch. It’s not just about crunching numbers; FRA empowers businesses to make smarter financial decisions through its integrated reporting and analytical rule engine. You can swiftly create and produce accounting entries using our accounting engine.FRA is all about flexibility, making sure banks and financial institutions can tailor their financial statements without getting caught up in the code web. Stay competitive with a comprehensive platform that boosts accountability, adaptability, and compliance with the latest financial reporting trends.


Comprehensive General Ledger reconciliation at branch, currency, transaction levels to ensure sanctity of data.  

Generation of two sets of trial balances i.e. GAAP and IFRS trial balance considering the impact of IFRS and various other out of book adjustments.

Configure financial statements along with schedules and sub-schedules through the front-end. It also allows generation of GAAP and IFRS consolidated financial reports along with schedules and sub-schedules with drill downs to account level for detailed analysis.

Centralised accounting engine supports auto generation of IFRS set of accounting entries and front-end configurable manual posting engine to post manual accounting entries.

Comprehensive dashboards and financial trend analysis for better decision management.

Flexibility of modifying and creating new reports with the facility of exporting the reports for analysis.

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Our FRA Solution offers banks and financial institutions a range of business benefits which are listed below :

Efficient financial reporting.
Meeting regulatory requirements.
Reliable financial data.
Faster reporting process.
Minimised reporting mistakes.
Protected financial information.
Prepared for audits.
Tailored reporting solutions.