Harness the Power of Real-Time Key Risk Indicators

Solution that plays a pivotal role, aiding institutions in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating operational risks. Get hold of a comprehensive framework for managing risks tied to processes, personnel, systems, and external factors. By adopting them, your team can bolster operational resilience, minimize the chances of failures, and uphold reputation.

Proactive risk anticipation, allows banks to preemptively identify nascent operational risks, evaluate their potential consequences, and implement targeted mitigation strategies. With robust reporting and analytical capabilities your team can do data-driven decision-making, get real time insights into risk landscapes and allocate resources for optimal risk-adjusted returns.


Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) in Operations Risk Management for banks provide early warning signals to proactively monitor and manage potential operational risks.

  • Definitions & Limits
  • KRI Library
  • KRI based Assessment
  • KRI Trends & Limit Bursting

Loss event data in Operations Risk Management for banks provides valuable insights for identifying, analysing, and mitigating operational risks based on historical loss events.

  • Data Collection & Tracking
  • Causal Analysis
  • Impacts & Recoveries ( Multi Locations)
  • Provision & Write Off
  • External Events

Risk control and self-assessment in Operations Risk Management empower organisations to evaluate , assess and enhance their internal controls and risk management practices.

  • Definitions
  • SAQ Library
  • Questionnaire Based Assessment
  • Control Standard Assessment
  • P&I Based Assessment
  • New Product Assessment

Enable banks to accurately assess and allocate capital for operational risks, optimising risk-adjusted returns.

  • Basel II & III Compliant
  • Scorecard Approaches
  • Risk Rating of Business Lines
  • Scenario Analysis
  • LDA Approach
  • OpVAR with External & Scenario Data

Business Continuity Planning ensures organisations can sustain critical operations and recover swiftly from disruptions, safeguarding business continuity.

  • BCP Firmulation
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • BCP Effectiveness Testing ( Audit)

It provides a consolidated view of key risk indicators and real-time insights for  effective decision-making and risk oversight at the executive level.

  • Definitions & Limits
  • KRI Library
  • KRI based Assessment
  • KRI Trends & Limit Bursting

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Our OPS Risk Management Solution offers banks and financial institutions a range of business benefits which are listed below :

Improved Risk Management
Enhanced Decision Making
Proactive Risk Mitigation
Competitive Advantage
Financial Stability
Regulatory Compliance
Optimised Capital Allocation
Increased Operational Efficiency
Exposure Consolidation
Enhanced Portfolio Performance