10 March 2023
Implementation in Bhutan – FTP

Client Profile

One of the leading banks in Bhutan adopted CARE Risk – FTP for enhanced efficiency.


To adopt advanced methodologies for viewing every branch, product, customer from a profit and not just a cost perspective.

Problem Statements

Lack of efficient FTP methodologies.
Increased complexity in modelling and computations.
Bank had data from two different core banking systems as there was a migration happening during our implementation leading to challenges in data quality.
Lack of expertise in building various FTP curve related computations.
Need for statistical modelling for various indeterminate maturity products.
Reconciliation of GL balances with transaction balances to ensure consistency of data.
Concurrence of auditors with respect to computations.


Robust data validation engine acted as Single Data warehouse helped the bank in computation and reconciliation issues.
Availability of latest FTP methodologies including matched maturity transfer pricing. 
Facility to build FTP curve based on Market Curve, Internal yield curves and combination of the two.
Efficient user audit trail, controls, authorization and hierarchy approvals mapped as per bank’s policies thus facilitate the bank to obtain auditor concurrence seamlessly.
System supports high data volumes, computational complexity, and accurate calculations up to the deal/transaction level.
Inbuilt rule engine to assign FTP rates to a product based on user defined rules.
Centralization of regulatory costs like Statutory Reserve Ratio, Deposit Insurance, etc.
User definable hierarchy or the organization, allocation rules for income distribution/ expense allocation.


Enabled integrated reporting through enhancing accountability, transparency and integrity.
Combined with flexible and user-friendly reporting approach it provides a true picture of profitability across multiple dimensions.