Integrated Excellence for Financial Insight

An all-encompassing solution for banks and financial institutions, offering seamless asset portfolio monitoring. By employing advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, it enables proactive credit risk management throughout the lifecycle of assets.

Through real-time alerts and predictive insights, efficiently manage risk, optimize lending practices, and ensure compliance. This transformative system empowers your team to preemptively identify and address risks, fostering a robust risk management strategy that enhances overall portfolio health and drives lasting success.With data quality adhering to the latest policies (as stipulated by the central bank) and a controlled model library, meticulous governance is assured.

Features of the solution

Multi-Dimensional Portfolio
our EWS system can provide multi-dimensional portfolio risk evaluation across Industry, Sub-Industry, Geography, Customer type, etc.  
Amalgamation of Analytics
AI / ML powered Loan Delinquency Prediction, False Positive reduction Network Analysis.  
Case Management / Alert Management
EWS system provides customizable workflows for breached risk indicators facilitating investigation and corrective actions with defined SLA/TAT for each action items.  
Rule Library
Fully front-end configurable rule library with 120+ Preconfigured Triggers covering RBI and DFS suggested rules for compliance.  
Customer 360
Provides holistic counterparty details, Performance and Profiling metrics, News & Sentiment Analysis, Current/Historical Alerts and Cases, Industry Analysts’ Reports, etc.  
In-Built Dashboards
At a glance, provides exposure at risk classification, risk categorization summary; comprehensive reports  
Scenario analysis / simulation
Scenario analysis / simulation of indicators for impact analysis.  


Sourcing of information from various disparate industry vendor
Asset quality index ratio computation based on financial & non- financial parameters.
Exhaustive (100+) multiple category risk indicators
Configurable case management engine.
AI driven algorithms to determine degree of risk.
Industry standard OCR Scanner to scan and upload financial reports.
Web harvesting to find negative sentiments about borrowers.